Kunming Hotel started business in September 1958. The European style architecture of the Hotel looked so serene that it was a very eye-catching building in Kunming in the mid-twentieth century. Its amenities, interior décor, well appointed facilities, strict management and quality of service gives its guests the feeling of home away from home. Since the date of its establishment, the Hotel has been among the most successful hotels in Yunnan.

In 1982, the main building was constructed. The futuristic design of the towering building is still attractive. It was redecorated in 1992. With its well-appointed equipment and first-rate service, Kunming Hotel became the first four-star hotel in Yunnan.

The Hotel is located in the city center of Kunming, at 52 Dong Feng Dong Road. The fast growing political and economic district is a scene of bustling activity with convenient postal services, telecommunications and finance. The Hotel also enjoys a favorable location in the center of the commercial, financial and government institutions. It is only 3 km away to the railway station and 6 km from the airport. Transport is convenient both for business and leisure guests.

The site area of the Hotel is 26680 m2. With its largest and the most beautiful grassy area, Kunming Hotel boasts a 4000 m2 gardenesque plaza. Its architectural complex consists with six parts, the main building, business building, gardenesque plaza, recreation center, courtyard and auxiliary wings of the business building, forming a peaceful fairyland and amenities in the bustling city center of Kunming.

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The hotel has 300 comfortable and elegant guest rooms and suites in total, including presidential suites, executive suites, deluxe suites, executive apartments, business suites, standard suites, executive standards, executive single rooms, typical standards and single rooms. All rooms have complete facilities. In the main building of the hotel there are typical, VIP and administration floors (including non-smoking floors). The decor of the main building is marked for its classical and unique design, presenting a strong flavor of culture. The furnishing of the guest rooms varies in style but the most essential elements such as comfort and elegance never change. The unconventional and charming appearance and elegant interior design of the main building and the fresh and gentle style of the business building form a delightful contrast. The decor of the business building creates a relaxed and sprightful atmosphere. There are apartments, executive suites, deluxe apartments, business suites, standards and single rooms, offering an ideal home for long-stay, leisure and business guests. The bars on the floors of the business building contribute to the feeling of a home away from home. Marked by the varieties of furnishing and décor, the guest rooms render amenities and show the rich and profound culture of the hotel.

With well-equipped facilities, Kunming Hotel aims at only equipment but also service and personnel quality. Since 1992, the Hotel has managed itself according to international rules. After becoming a 4-star hotel, the quality of its services has been greatly improved. In recent years, the whole staff, led by the leaders of the hotel, have introduced new concepts of management and reform in the hotel. Our qualified staff and workers have adopted the idea of ‘taking our guests as God and serving them first and foremost’, providing distinctive, top-notch services to guests and customers.

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Room / Bed Retail price Discount price Order
Business building special room big bed / double bed(Double breakfast) ¥780 ¥200 Order
Stand room big bed / double bed(Double breakfast) ¥780 ¥380 Order
Executive Room big bed / double bed(Double breakfast) ¥1169 ¥430 Order
Standard suite big bed(no Breakfast) ¥1419 ¥750 Order
big bed(Single breakfast) ¥1419 ¥780 Order
big bed(Double breakfast) ¥1419 ¥800 Order
Business Suite big bed(no Breakfast) ¥1599 ¥850 Order
big bed(Single breakfast) ¥1599 ¥880 Order
big bed(Double breakfast) ¥1599 ¥900 Order
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